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The Parisianer was born with the vision to gather Paris’s unique and talented artists together to create  an illustrated cover page of an imaginary magazine that showcases their own depiction of Paris.  As a tribute to The New Yorker, this exercise in style would display a wide variety of poetic, eclectic and surprising interpretations of the capital.

December 2015
The Parisianer is invited by Artazart for an special exhibition.

November 12th 2014
The Parisianer establishes itself in Belgium, in the Candide Bookstore until the end of the year.

November 7th 2014
The Parisianer is invited for the “Salon du Livre” (an annual event dedicated to books and edition) of Saint-Priest. The exhibition lasts one month; introducing 50 works through an original scenography and a hands-on wall, where visitors can contribute their own visions of Paris.

November 6th 2014
The new edition of The Parisianer is published and distributed throughout France and french-speaking countries.

October 2014
Organized by the French Institute and the Alliance Francaise, The Parisianer leaves France for its first international exhibition in Kiev.

July-August 2014
Merci (a French store) introduces the collection of The Parisianer artistic posters published by Image Republic.

May 19th – July 19th 2014
The Parisianer is exhibited at Paris’ City Hall.

May 2014
Image Republic publishes and distributes The Parisianer’s posters throughout France.
(Bookstores, Design and Concept stores, Le Bon Marché, BHV, Merci, MK2)

March 2014
Publication in bookstores of The Parisianer, the covers of an imaginary magazine ‘s first issue, co-published with the Editions Michel Lagarde.

January 2014
In a storefront dedicated to the celebration of Paris, Sonia Rykiel exhibits the book’s first issue.

Décember 2013
The Parisianer’s first exhibition at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.
Publication of the first issues of the book, The Parisianer, the covers of an imaginary magazine.

September 2013
In order to finance the project, the association La Lettre P starts a fundraiser on KIssKissBankBank.

Juin 2013
The association La Lettre P invites 107 artists to create The Parisianer’s imaginary cover.